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The continuous techorg revolution: two million years to become cyborgs and beyond

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        Exponential growth is a real thing. Almost two millions years ago some primates started walking upright. A million years later they discovered fire. Five hundred thousand years later they started making better tools and using more complex symbolism, and 100,000 years later they started to use language, and with it culture was born. Fifty thousand years later started agriculture, and 30,000 years later civilization was born. Every time knowledge was duplicated and now exponential growth is increasing at an alarming rate. We are truly discovering that we are techorgs. What is a techorg? It is a technological organism. To put it in Jason Silva's analogy, technology is the true skin of this organism. Humans are the first species to be categorized as a techorg. I differ with Silva in something: we are not cyborgs, or at least not yet. Cyborgs have augmented abilities or cybernetic upgrades inside the organism, while the techorg —I argue—, ma…

I'm not a cyborg

Lately I've been thinking about transhumanism. It could be thought that we are cyborgs (cybernetic organisms) but we are not. We are techorgs (technological organisms). The difference between me, a techorg, and a cyborg is that the machines I'm using aren't implanted in me, but are external.

If my smartphone was a technology implanted in my brain via nanotechnology, then I would be a cyborg. Hence, the difference between a cyborg and a techorg is minimal. After all, technology is one of the most important characteristic of being human. A techorg and a cyborg are almost the same.

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La visión del otro: homosexuales indoantillanos en la época de la conquista

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